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Wheel Alignments In Memphis

A wheel alignment ensures that all of the wheels of a vehicle are parallel with one another and that they are perpendicular to the ground by being adjusted. When it comes to the proper alignment of the wheels of your car, there are three essential angles; caster, camber, and toe.

Caster Issues

When your car’s caster is not in alignment, it affects straight-line tracking. Referring to the angle of the wheel’s pivot that is attached to the suspension, the caster is an essential angle for safe and accurate driving.

Camber Issues

The measure of the degree of the perpendicular offset from the surface of the road is known as the camber.

Toe Issues

The tire and the vehicle’s centerline will have a directional difference represented by an angle known as the toe.

It’s important to make sure your car’s front and rear windows are consistently perpendicular to the ground, as well as parallel to the tire. By utilizing preventative maintenance measures such as regular wheel alignments, you can keep your car driving smoothly and prevent costly issues down the road.

Ensuring that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned will reduce any wear and tear on your tires, making it safer to drive. It will also help your car to get better gas mileage.

There can be extensive damage to your tires and high costs associated with reparations when your wheels are out of alignment for too long. Steve’s Tire and Auto provides Wheel Alignment services to get your wheels back in alignment.

Two Wheel Alignments

For the sake of your tires, it’s imperative that you keep all of your tires pointed straight ahead and perpendicular to the ground. You need the three alignment angles to be in sync with one another to ensure the best performance and life of your tires.

While your alignment can be thrown off by hitting potholes or getting in a car accident, getting it fixed is essential for fuel efficiency, safety, and tire longevity. If you notice that your steering wheel is pulling, it’s the perfect time to have your alignment checked at Steve’s Tire and Auto. You will receive a full inspection to determine if a two-wheel alignment is the right choice.

If you need a two wheel alignment, the expert team at Steve’s Tire and Auto will get it done.

Four Wheel Alignments

You understand how important properly aligned tires are for the life of your car. By ensuring that your tires are aligned accurately, you will be maximizing their life. You need the three angels, camber, caster, and toe, to be in equal, parallel positions.

Steve’s Tire and Auto performs four-wheel alignment services. We know that misaligned tires create a poor performance of your tires, as well as uneven tread wear. You need to make sure that all four of your tires are functioning together as they should.

Call Steve’s Tire and Auto today in order to find the best person for your needs. Overall, the purpose of a wheel alignment is to make sure that your tires are pointed straight, allowing you to use your tires accurately.

They were so nice, friendly and professional! Shout out to the BEST tire and auto we have ever dealt with! They certainly earned our business for the future!
Malissa H., Memphis
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